MPP - Mechanical Protection Plan

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About MPP

MPP Company, as a leader in the industry, provides a comprehensive selection of extended warranty services and other automotive protection plans designed to give our customers the best buying and ownership experience. We provide vehicle service contracts (frequently referred to as extended warranties), maintenance contracts, paintless dent repair, lease wear coverage and more.

Now more than ever, our savvy consumers have come to realize that an extended service contract is one of the best ways to protect the investment they have in their car. And vehicle repairs are getting more expensive on whatever we're driving. The family car, the commuter car, the work truck, the sporty weekend convertible all are more sophisticated and cost more to repair. The days of the shade tree mechanic are just about over. In the past five years, repair costs have increased around 35%. That $500 repair today could cost over $650 just about the time you have the loan paid off.

Our Customer Service

We have a vested interest in your complete satisfaction with your total vehicle buying experience. In fact, that is why these programs were developed. Both MPP Co., Inc. and Old United Casualty Company were developed in 1979 because many consumers had purchased service agreements from other companies; only to be mistreated when requesting services or lose their coverage all together when the company went out of business. We wanted to be sure that our customers had a variety of protection products to choose from to fit their individual needs and more importantly, be there when they needed the protection the most.

Website Disclaimer: Plans or coverage may not be available in all states. Please see your dealer for coverage available in your area/state.