People, people, people.

We are passionate and we are driven. This is the right place to start your automotive career or take it to new heights. We stand for the people... the people we serve and the people we are."The better the people you surround yourself with, the better you're going to do, for yourself and the consumer." -Cecil Van Tuyl

Road to Success

Prior to becoming Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, we thrived in the automotive space as Van Tuyl Group. The Van Tuyl family has a long history within the industry, starting with Cecil Van Tuyl and a Kansas Chevrolet dealership in 1955. Joined by his son Larry in 1971, they built a world-class management consulting company based on the principles of hiring the right people and giving their dealership clients the right tools, training and support they need to succeed.

Modeled for Success

Berkshire Hathaway Automotive provides management consulting services to a large and growing group of automotive dealerships. We are strategically positioned to guide them towards success. We provide them with the right tools and training to guarantee they continue to thrive in this competitive industry. We know the business, we foresee the opportunities and we thrive on the challenges presented to us.

Standards of Success

We favor ability over experience. Those offered employment can expect a competitive salary, a solid investment in your professional development, and an environment that rewards employees for their achievements. Unlike many industries, the financial opportunities are endless and determined by the employee themselves. We are built on the foundation of an entrepreneurial spirit; we set high goals for our teams and more importantly, ourselves.