Investment in Our People

Our Professional Development Team exists to assist our Dealer Partners through the continual and long-term development of their team members. Our team delivers industry leading training, mentoring, and coaching in the classroom, online, and on location at our dealerships from coast to coast. Simply put, our mission is to support your mission.

Our teams collaborate and continually seek to deliver positive, progressive, and sustainable change for our dealer partners through Leadership, Variable, Fixed, Cross Training, and Customer Excellence courses.

Dealer Academy

Creating a Legacy of Excellence

The Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Dealer Academy is one of the industry's' most premier Dealer/General Manger Training Programs, and is the most selective and prestigious of our Professional Development programs.  The Academy is focused on developing, honoring, and equipping a selected group of elite, highly talented managers that have been identified as having what it takes to become the next generation of successful Leaders at a dealership level.

Professional Development: Leadership

Leading the Pack

We want leaders, not lone wolves. We want those who innovate and help those next to them reach their own potential. That's why we offer a number of classes to help these potential leaders find their own voice and guide their teams to higher successes, find and keep those diamond-in-the-rough future team members, and world-class customer experiences that can stand as an example to all who follow.

Professional Development: Variable

The Art of Selling

The lifetime customer experience begins with Sales. But it's not all role learning and memorization to gain happy customers. It's an art. Whether a Sales Associate is interacting with customers over the phone, over the internet, or in-person, they are fully trained to help customers find the vehicle perfect for them wherever they may be. Sales Associates hit the ground running with a week-long interactive "Sales Excellence" course to jump start their sales skills as quickly as possible. Shorter follow-up courses and continued coaching focus on parts of the vehicle buying process most integral to customer satisfaction, which is directly tied to Sales Associates' success.

Professional Development: Fixed Operations

Service with a Smile

The lifetime customer experience doesn't end after the sale. It's only the beginning. That's where our world-class service, parts, and collision departments take over. Service with a smile is our top focus, and that's why we start new Service Advisors out with an interactive 2-day course designed to turbocharge their product knowledge and help them truly understand exactly how to achieve "Service Excellence." Shorter follow-up classes and continued coaching focus on the skills Service Advisors need to turn major inconveniences for our customers into an investment in not just their vehicle but their time as well.

Professional Development: Cross-Training

A Well-Rounded Team Member

Not every skill necessary to keep lifetime customers can be easily put in a box. That's why we have courses designed not just for Sales Associates or Service Advisors, but "Cross-Training", where skills vital to customer happiness can be applied to every team member across all departments. It can be pretty hectic keeping everyone happy all the time, so we offer "Managing Priorities" as just one of a number of class offerings to help maintain not just happy customers, but happy, well-rounded Team Members as well.

Customer Excellence

Our Dealer Partners' feel it is of the utmost importance to invest in the education of their employees in order to provide a world-class purchase and ownership experience. We assist by providing courses that equip all dealership employees with the basic customer service skills needed to meet and exceed their customers' expectations. The skills learned can help to have a direct impact on customer retention as well as building a more empowered employee.