What is Regenerative Braking?  

Regenerative braking is a new kind of tech coming from hybrid and electric vehicles. It uses battery tech, aerodynamics, and new engineering elements to help drive efficiency. Regenerative braking makes use of the energy lost during braking to feed back power into the battery.

Regenerative Braking

When you brake one of these cars, the discs and brake pads meet together to cause friction that helps to slow down the car, dissipating energy in the form of heat. The regenerative brakes instead make it so that some of the friction and kinetic energy that usually dissipates into heat instead has that energy converted back into electricity.

This makes it so that the wheels are the ones driving the motor during deceleration. This allows for a back-and-forth flow of energy that helps charge the electric batteries to fill them up a bit. As a result, this means that the regeneration or recharging of the battery happens whenever someone hits the brake pedal, but it also happens when the driver lets go of the accelerator pedal which makes the vehicle just cruise.

Both of these actions allow the brakes to recharge the battery from friction and heat energy. These cars have gauges that allow you to see how much energy you are regenerating. The stronger the braking force is, in general, the larger the electrical current is going to be rough. The total amount of energy you get is dependent on how fast you're going as well as how long you're holding down the brakes or how long the brakes are operating.

So, when someone hits the brakes, this system gives some of the force of braking to energy regeneration, and some go to the conventional braking system. This means that your braking system still works like normal on top of being able to regenerate the electricity in your batteries at the same time. It's more efficient to own a hybrid or electric vehicle than ever before.

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