Honda and GM to Codevelop Affordable EVs  

GM and Honda Plan on a Collaborative Unveiling of Countless Electric Vehicles

General Motors is a company that looks into producing and advancing electric vehicles and other products through Ultium battery technology. Honda is also a company specializing in the production and development of power products, automotive products, and aero products globally. Honda targets producing automobiles with zero collision through a strategy called carbon neutrality. This will reduce accidents and improve the performance of their vehicles.

In a recent joint statement, General Motors and Honda reveal their plan to provide more electric vehicles that will be affordable for many by the year 2027. GM's Ultium power technology will play a key role in developing these vehicles.

Though the duo didn't provide the exact price range for the EVs, GM's executive vice chair stated that they expect the prices to be a bit below the Equinox EV which is set to be released in 2023 at approximately $30,000.

Both companies will determine how to divide and position their products in their lineups from the plan. The two companies' target is to standardize equipment collectively and provide high-quality, great output, and cheap vehicles.

The collaboration is set to be the first to provide the largest volume of vehicles, which are expected to be more than a 13million yearly. GM and Honda are looking to reduce the cost of electrification further, bringing sustainability and improving performance in the future.

Both companies are working towards improving the manufacturing process for the battery cell through various approved production strategies. If the strategies succeed, the companies can produce the batteries in large volumes and easily develop the said EVs.

This is not the first time the two companies are working together. In 2013, they both initiated the development of fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage machinery. Their relationship is intended to go further as they continue developing more world-class automotive products accessible to all.

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