2022 Most Reliable Cars  

No one wants to spend a five-figure sum on a new car only to be forced to pay for expensive maintenance for the rest of its life. Dependability is high on many drivers' wish lists when looking for a new car, and each year, consumers resort to ratings to identify the most reliable vehicles in 2022, each of which has its own grading system.

According to Consumer Ratings, these are the most reliable vehicles for 2022:

Buick Encore

The 1.4L turbo engine in the Buick Encore small SUV offers a stunning performance, excellent response, and surprising efficiency.

Lexus NX

With considerable suspension tuning modifications for better ride and handling, the straight-line performance of the 2021 Lexus NX remains untouched.

Toyota Prius

The new Toyota Prius is the most fuel-efficient and quietest Prius ever, according to Toyota's New Worldwide Architecture, the company's global basis for all fourth-generation cars.

Lexus GX

It's a three-row SUV that's stylish and versatile. In addition to its ability to traverse any terrain, even challenging off-road situations, it also has excellent craftsmanship and space for up to seven passengers.

The Hyundai HR-V

An optional honeycomb grille and revised wheels give the HR-V an aggressive appearance that makes it stand out on any street or campground.


Of course, individual preferences have a significant role to play. Every driver is unique, as are their preferences for their future vehicle. A car that is inexpensive to buy, maintain, and repair is something we'd all want to have. We invite you to stop by one of our dealerships if you're looking for a reliable vehicle.

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