AWD vs 4WD  

AWD vs 4WD - What's the Difference?

At Berkshire Hathaway Automotive we want to make sure that you understand what you’re investing in when you choose a vehicle from one of our dealerships. Many of our vehicles come with the all-wheel drive feature, and there’s also a four-wheel drive option that people confuse as being the same thing. Let’s clarify what these two features are so you can choose which the best one will be for your style of driving.

What is All-Wheel Drive?

Many newly manufactured automobiles come equipped with the all-wheel drive feature. As part of this system, you get full-time all-wheel drive as well as part-time all-wheel drive. The part-time system will power just two of the wheels for moderate traction. When you hit a slick area of road surface, your vehicle will change over to full-time all-wheel drive for maximum traction control.

What is Four-Wheel Drive?

Four-wheel drive is a different feature that also provides traction based on a part-time and full-time setup. A four-wheel drive also comes with low and high ranges that are able to be controlled by the driver through a switch inside of their vehicle. Switching to the low setting is optimal for extremely slick roads, while the high setting is better for a bit of traction on semi-slick surfaces.

More information can be found by contacting our expert team of employees at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive. We’d be happy to answer questions that you have regarding the differences between AWD and 4WD, and we’ll show you the different models that come equipped with these features.