Summer Maintenance Tips  

Summer Maintenance Tips for a Safer Season

Summer has officially arrived, and now it's time to take a summer road trip! And if you're like many other drivers in the area, you're probably ready to hit the road. But, not so fast! Have you prepared your vehicle for a safe journey? Now is the moment to do so, and our service center has the help you need. With the summer heat, your vehicle is much more vulnerable to adverse heat conditions. And our factory-trained and certified technicians are available to ensure your vehicle is in top quality shape.

Oil and Oil Filter Change

It's always a good idea to keep up with routine oil and filter changes. But when summer arrives, the oil must be at its highest quality level. Whether you use conventional oil or a higher grade, the summer heat impacts the oil viscosity. The higher the oil viscosity, the fewer chances there are for the oil to become less effective during increased temperatures.

Fluid Levels

Did you know that seasonal weather patterns can impact the fluid levels in your car? That's why we recommend inspecting the levels every so often and making sure they're at the maximum capacity. Summer is even more reason to check fluids such as wiper, transmission, power steering, and coolant. With low coolant being one of the main reasons for an engine overheating and causing a breakdown, you want to ensure the level is maintained accurately.

Tire Pressure and Condition

To enjoy a comfortable ride and staying safe on the road this summer, have your tires inspected for quality condition. A certified technician can provide the assurance you need for knowing your tires are wearing evenly and have the proper tread to take long road trips this summer. And if they need rotating, that should be scheduled before hitting the road. We recommend also checking the air pressure for accuracy, including the spare tire if you have a full-size spare.

Car Battery

With the summer heat, your car battery's health is more vulnerable. While it can outlast colder temperatures, the summer heat impacts the battery's ability to maintain its electrical supply and full charge. Take a proactive approach and have a battery test to ensure the health is sustainable for the rise in temperatures this summer.

We encourage you to reach out to our service center for more information about summer maintenance. Your safety is important to us. To schedule an appointment for any of the services mentioned, be sure to use our online service scheduler at your convenience.