Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

Thinking closely about your driving needs will help point you in the right direction when you need a new vehicle. The process can be challenging, especially if you've never bought a car before in your lifetime. Berkshire Hathaway Automotive wants to help streamline this process for you, so we have some tips to share that will provide you with the perfect vehicle in 2021.


Vehicles accommodate a certain number of passengers, but there is also cargo space that you should take into account. Count yourself, your spouse, and your children to figure out how many seats you need. While you may only need seating for five, there may be instances where more seats would be beneficial. In this scenario, a vehicle with an optional third-row would be something worth looking into. A mid-size SUV or compact sedan would be adequate if you're looking for a car for yourself only. We have some of the most popular models available at our family of dealerships right now.

Weekly Activities

If you're still having trouble determining what kind of vehicle you need, think about your lifestyle and activities. If you work a lot, an efficient and safe car is probably your priority. Heading out on off-road adventures might require something like a rugged SUV or truck. Ultra-safe SUVs and minivans are perfect for customers looking for a family vehicle that can take them on all their daily adventures to school, activities, work, and shopping.

Your Driving Habits

Assessing how you drive might not be something you've ever done, but your driving habits can help you determine what kind of vehicle would be the perfect investment for you in 2021. Think about a sports coupe or sedan if you crave power and performance. A hybrid model is a great option that reduces your carbon footprint. Gasoline-powered compact models and mid-size SUVs are also a great middle-of-the-road option for good fuel economy.

Find a Berkshire Hathaway Automotive dealership near you if you would like assistance with picking out your perfect car.