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You may be a first-time car buyer, or you may be looking for your next vehicle in a long line of many automobiles. Regardless of your buying experience, there are always some new tricks that you can learn to make the process simpler and more straightforward. From minivans to trucks, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive has some tips to share.

Pay Close Attention to Your Current Automobile

While you may be looking to sell your current model, the car you're currently driving can give you some excellent insight into what you should look for next. Maybe you loved the fact that your vehicle was an SUV, and it provided you with a lot of cargo space and safety. You may have hated the lack of a third row. Take these pros and cons into account as you shop our dealerships' inventory.

Value Your Trade

There are some resources on our website that you can use to get an idea of what your current vehicle is worth. You can also find some information on our dealership websites that will provide you with insight into what you'll be acquiring in the way of a trade-in value. The amount of money you get for your current vehicle is significant for your overall budget.

Listen to Others

The internet is a wonderful way to get more information about vehicles. You can find all kinds of reviews online that will help you narrow down your search. Just make sure that you stick to the more reputable websites to trust the information you're obtaining. Then head over to one of the websites of our family of dealerships nearest you.

Figure Out Your Budget

It's important to know what amount of money that you're working with before you start shopping. You don't want to fall in love with a vehicle that you simply can't afford. You can also talk to someone in any of our dealerships' finance department to get the ball rolling with financing your next vehicle.

Utilize a Test Drive

If you're having trouble deciding between a few different vehicles, don't be afraid to take them all out for a test drive. This is the perfect way to experience what a car is like. You may be surprised with how much you like (or dislike) a vehicle once you get it out on the road. We have dealerships in ten states representing 27 brands. Contact a dealership near you to take a test drive.

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