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Each year, thousands of students around the country look forward to their graduation day with excitement and anticipation. Graduation is a big milestone. It's also a time for fun and celebration. While recent grads want to go out and party on their big night, however, parents and community members want them to stay safe. Our dealership, which is committed to building a safe community, participates in Project Graduation, which is a national initiative to keep students safe and protected on their graduation night. At our dealership, students who participate in Project Graduation are eligible to win a new Toyota vehicle for making the decision to be safe, not sorry, on graduation night.

Project Graduation: A Fun and Entertaining Way for High School Students to Stay Safe

You are probably already aware that young drivers are among the riskiest on the road. However, statistics show the sobering fact that of all teenage deaths, one-third happen on either graduation or prom night. Most of those deaths occur due to motor vehicle accidents involving drugs and alcohol. In our state, the Texas Department of Transportation created Project Graduation as a fun and entertaining way for high school students to stay safe and off the road on graduation night.

Project Graduation, which is initiated voluntarily by school districts, often has fun events, live music, food, and prizes. We take it a step further by rewarding safe behavior with the chance to win a new car! In Grapevine, Project Graduation has been an annual event for more than two decades. Our dealership has proudly been a key sponsor of Grapevine's Project Graduation for more than 20 years. In 2019, more than 430 high school seniors attended a lock-in for Project Graduation. The event, which is organized by parents of high school students, gives students a safe place to spend the night without having to drive home.

And The Winner Is...

In 2019, the enthusiastic winner of our yearly Project Graduation giveaway was a high school senior named Jake Murdock. Mr. Murdock won a Toyota Corolla for participating in this year's Project Graduation lock-in. The event took place on May 30 at Main Event Grapevine, which is a popular venue for bowling and arcade games. Over $50,000 was raised to fund the event through private, local, and corporate sponsorships and donors. Along with the car giveaway, the event featured food, refreshments, bowling, laser tag, arcade games, music, and other raffle prizes and giveaways.

For More Information

Whether you're a high school teenager hoping to get a new car or a parent wanting an incentive to keep your child safe on graduation night, we encourage you to contact our dealership. We will gladly provide more information about our involvement in Project Graduation and give you a sneak preview of the vehicles you might be able to win.

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