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Every pet deserves a loving forever home, and Grand Prairie Ford is committed to creating opportunities for this to happen. In February, the month of love, the dealership created a special event to find love for pets in need. The event was so successful, they decided to do again. If you are looking for a pet in the DFW area and missed the last event, Grand Prairie Ford will be holding another in May.

What Happened During the Pet Adoption Event?

Millions of abandoned, abused, and neglected animals die in shelters throughout the nation every year. The eight dogs that this event helped place with new families escaped this fate. We are proud of our dealership affiliate and their part in finding these deserving puppies new homes.

The response from the February 23rd event was both overwhelming and humbling. Although the event was scheduled to begin at 10 a.m., the store had its first family waiting for a new pet at 8:30 a.m. Like many other families in the community, they understood the benefits of adopting from a shelter when looking for canine kid. In addition to being more affordable than other alternatives, first vaccinations and the cost of spaying and neutering is usually included with the cost of the adoptions.

Loving Homes for Good Animals

Once Grand Prairie Ford decided to stage a pet adoption event, they realized that partnering with the SPCA was the best way to ensure a successful outcome for as many pets as possible. They are a huge organization with great name recognition, and they are dedicated to animal welfare. The SPCA brought their truck, and dealership employees were excited to work with this fantastic resource. It highlighted the magnitude of the event and legitimized its efforts. With their help, many animals were saved from euthanization and are now in safe, loving homes.

Don’t Miss the Upcoming Pet Adoption in DFW

Grand Prairie Ford’s last event changed the lives of several dogs, and their new parents, for the better. The dealership plans to continue pet adoption events and are excited to host their next pet rescue event in May.

For all future events at the dealership, including their upcoming pet adoption, contact Grand Prairie Ford for details. We hope those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will attend and unite with a new animal friend.

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