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About Warranty Plans

Tire Service  

Even when you buy a car from the most reputable dealership, you can't always avoid mishaps on the road. Someone might open a car door into your vehicle, or you may get a flat tire after driving over broken glass. While you can't always foresee damage to your car, you can get a warranty plan to protect your vehicle (and your wallet) in an unexpected event.

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable

Family in Car

From the moment you buy your vehicle, it becomes your sole responsibility to keep it in good shape and dependable. Car maintenance should become part of your lifestyle. Not only will this save you expenses in the long run, but it ensures your safety and those of others on the road. Check out our tips here to keep your car dependable.

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5 Tips to Prepare your Car for the Spring

Hand Washing Car

Winter is the harshest season for your car with a mix of cold temperatures and harsh weather. To best enjoy spring with your vehicle, it is necessary to take some essential steps to get the car ready. Continue reading below to learn five tips to get your car ready for spring.

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Why Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Gets It?


If you are shopping for a new automobile, finding the right dealership is essential. Not only do you want to find a location that has a large inventory to look at, but you need to trust the staff that you will be dealing with throughout the transaction. Exceptional customer service is a priority at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive dealerships. From the moment you walk on one of our dealer lots to the point where you drive your new vehicle home, there will be a staff member helping you along the way.

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